Please Don't Say My Name

They tell the story of life in Burma—why they had to flee—and why
their lives are still at risk in Malaysia.


This player automatically plays the whole documentary, which is divided into eight segments. To hear the whole story, just let it run on it's own until the player completes the fourth segment, at this point you will have heard half of the story. Hit the forward button to call up the next four segments. To skip through the segments click any image. You can pause the audio at any time. To hear short excerpts, read the descriptions from the list below and select.

Audio Excerpts

  1. Trailer
  2. Introduction: Rangoon, Burma
  3. Aye Aye Cho: Life in Burma
  4. Htut Kuang: Escape from Burma
  5. Jack: Arrested in Burma for Educating Villagers About Health and Human Rights
  6. Kline: Why She Escaped Burma
  7. Interview Excerpt of Irene Fernandez: Leading Activist on Burmese Refugees in Malaysia
  8. Aye Aye Cho: Trafficked in Malaysia
  9. Htut Kuang: Trafficked in Malaysia (Sold to Fishing Trawler)
  10. United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Malaysia (UNCHR)
  11. Malaysian RELA: “It's like headhunting...” —Vigilante Citizen Brigade with the Power to Arrest
  12. Live RELA Raid on Burmese Refugees in Malaysia
  13. Jack's Girlfriend's Arrrest: Iimprisoned in Malaysia
  14. Kline Receives Resettlement by UNHCR to US
  15. Htut Kuang's Reflections After 3 Years of Slavery: “Life is like a river...”
  16. Irene Fernandez: “We have created borders yet we all rely on each other.”


Karen Zusman Interview on WKCR
Karen Zusman Interview on WBAI Pacifica Radio

To receive a CD of the hour-long documentary please send an email request. Suggested donation: $5-10.

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